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Johan Wiersma, Independent HorseFind & Foalscouts.

Importation Information:

All of our horses are still in The Netherlands (Holland) and will be flying from Amsterdam Airport to be imported in your Country

Is a deposit needed?
Once you select a horse you want to buy, we let the owner know that you are going to buy it pending your vet’s approval, will have it vetted as soon as possible, and ask them to hold their horse for you. We have never found a need for our buyers to pay a deposit to hold a horse.

What is the vetting process?
We ask you to get from your vet the list of x-rays they wish to see and any other instructions or tests they wish to have performed. We will need you to give us the name and mailing address, fax and phone number of the vet you want to receive the x-rays and vet report.

What is the cost of vetting?
The cost of vetting varies widely, from about $500 to $1,000 or more, depending on the number of x-rays your vet wants to see or any special tests they want performed. The cost you pay for the vetting will include the courier’s fee to deliver the vet report and x-rays directly to your vet within a few days.

Payment procedures
We ask you to first wire the money over for vetting the horses and then, once your own vet approves your purchase, wire the money over for the horse and any other expenses still due.
You may select an agent to handle thing for you in NYC or LAX or Miami we can also provide this service and use for NYC:
Ann Tate
Triton International, East
Contact numbers:
tel: 516-922-0600
fax: 516-922-9185
mobile: 516-353-3971

E-mail:Mailbox Anne Tate

For LAX:
Triton International
1060 West Florence Ave
Inglewood, CA 90301
310-337-0022/ fax 310-337-0044
Contact Karl Webster and Lupe Marquez

E-mail:Mailbox Karl Webster
E-mail:Mailbox Lupe Marquez

For Miami-Fl
Diana Berdote
5003 SW 127TH PL, MIAMI, FL 33175
(305) 223-2162

E-mail:Mailbox Diana Berdote

Agents: SeaAir ltd
Contact: Wayne Morgan
Phone: 905-677-7701
FX: 905-677-3279
E-mail:Mailbox Wayne Morgan

In Amsterdam we use:

E-mail:Mailbox Peter Langeweg Livestock B.V.

Langeweg Live-Stock Services B.V.
Transportation of Horses
Hofvennepark 14
2201 PZ Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)71 362 0044
Fax: +31(0)71 362 0288
Mobile:+31(0)6 51152345

Importation costs
As of September 2002, it costs roughly $4,200 to import a Dutch Warmblood gelding into New York, including all ground transportation, the flight over, and the USDA 3 day quarantine stay and expenses. The cost to fly horses into Los Angeles is about $700 more. These prices are beyond our control and are subject to change as well as the fluctuation of the currency exchange rates.

Quarantine procedures
The USDA quarantine stay is normally 48 hours, during which time they will repeat the blood tests for the same four diseases your horse will have been tested for in Europe if you do the pre-quarantine bloodwork over there as well. We highly recommend this duplication because if the horse tests positive for any of those diseases, it will be your expense to fly it back to its country of origin. If you are importing a mare or stallion above two years of age, they will require CEM quarantine in addition to the USDA quarantine, at an additional cost.

CEM Quarantine
There are several facilities our clients have selected for CEM quarantine of their new horses. Cornell, in Ithaca, NY charges an average of $1,400-1,500 and keeps the mares about two weeks. Kentucky offers a facility that keeps mares for three weeks and charges $950 for their stay. There is also a facility in Rhode Island Stallions require a longer CEM quarantine, lasting four to six weeks, during which time they must breed two test mares by live cover.

For Canada it is easier since you can have the horse mostly on any farm in quarantaine as long as you can stable seperate

1 horse, gelding or below 2 years of age:

Importing a warmblood horse from Holland, easy as pie to Canada

Flight 4500 CAD =/= 2800 Euro
Documenting 500 CAD =/= 300 Euro
Bloodtests 500 CAD =/= 300 Euro
30Days Quarant. 500 CAD =/= 300 Euro
Total 6000 CAD =/= 3700 Euro

Additional CEM 250 CAD =/= 150 Euro (For mares and Stallions over 2years of ages)

So all together 6000 or 6250 CAD lands yr horse in Toronto, the buyer should have on her farm or else a stall at the ready inspected and approved by Canadian authorities to keep the imported horse for another 30days in quarantine.

What services do we provide?
We will make the necessary importation arrangements through the USDA quarantine for your new horse. The US Shipping agents we use can help you with any transportation or CEM quarantine arrangements after that point.

Delivery of your horse
You will have to arrange to have your horse picked up at the quarantine facility as soon as they are released. Your horse’s US shipping agent will be able to help you make those arrangements, as well as arrangements for CEM quarantine, if necessary.

How long does it take?
Contrary to popular belief, international bank wires are not instantaneous. It usually takes about two days for the funds to be available over there. Once the money for the vetting has been received in Europe, we should be able to get your prospective horse vetted within one week. Once your vet approves your purchase, and you wire your money over to buy that horse, we should be able to get it over to the US within two weeks or so after receipt of your funds.

We recommend that you insure your new horse as soon as you wire your money over to purchase it. Some companies offer transit insurance, which is a good idea to have during the importation process.


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Take advantage of the low airfares in the wintertime;
We meet you and your friends at Amsterdam airport.
We show you the best horses at various price prices from 5k to 50k USDllr
4 to 5 horses a day, only horses who meet your demands,
so tell us what you are looking for.
You ride them and you love them.
Al prices are F.O.B. Amsterdam airport

Dutch Warmblood Horses, KWPN registered
All horses come with clean X-rays and negative flexion tests

Invest in the future with: Horse&Foalscout Services.

Buy now a filly or colt in Europe, prices from 2500usdllr up till 7000usddlr.
Select from best Dutch and German warmbloodlines.
Tell us your particular demands in pedigree, color, height, dressage or showjumping.
We can keep te foal / yearling on our farm in Holland for 100usdllr pro month and you can import the young horse just before 2 years of age to avoid high quarantaine costs.
We will dedicate our time to increase the youngsters disposition with imprint-training technics on a daily basis.
Prices include insurance to protect your investment.

Inquieries Johan Wiersma, 00-31-58-2563058 / Cellphone: 00-31-06-22592233 E-mail:Mailbox Horse&Foalscout Services


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